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Network & collaborators

GEMBA collaborates with a number of business partners and freelancers in the fields of agile and innovation management, such as:

ConCor which is a Danish-based consultancy organizing specialized individual consultants within agile and with an extended focus on Scaled Agile.

Robert G. Cooper
Professor and special advisor Bob Cooper, the creator of Stage Gate® and Agile-Stage-Gate®, has been a leading figure in New Product Development (NPD) and Innovation in decades, lately by integrating agile ways of working into Stage-Gate. GEMBA collaborates with Bob on masterclasses and workshops in innovation strategy, NPD and Agile-Stage-Gate as well as a special advisor.
five is innovation consulting
As leading experts for innovation and growth in the German speaking area, we support our customers in finding the right search fields for innovation by:
  • Generating great ideas for new products, services and businesses,
  • Improving their innovation system through Generation 5 Stage-Gate® principles and portfolio management
  • Leveraging their innovation projects with design thinking and voice-of-customer research, business case development, and agile project management,
  • Developing and strengthening their innovation culture.