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Agile Stage-Gate®

Agile Stage-Gate®

Agile development, known from software, is rapidly entering into manufacturing and development of physical products and integrated solutions.


In Agile, development teams works co-located in time-boxed sprints, in dedicated teams with focus on one or very few projects. Stakeholders, management and key customers participates in demo’s and reviews on a continuous basis and give valuable feedback to ensure pace and direction.

Results from experienced companies illustrates that Agile can cut down development time, make faster adaptions to changes in markets and customer requirements and over time create high-performing development teams.

Agile model

GEMBA has done several designs and installations of agile development process in companies from various industries.

Based on our experiences and together with Professor Roberty G. Cooper, we have developed an Agile Stage-Gate model that takes the best from Agile – speed and flexibility – and Stage-Gate – clear decision points and portfolio management.

With the model follows a set of methods and tools that fits the Agile way of working.

GEMBA have vast experience with Agile and can assist you with:

  • Inspiration and insights on what agile is and what others do – to get started
  • Agile Assessment of how ready your teams or organisation are to go agile, see more here: Agile Assessment
  • Design of agile pilots and programs – set your goals, design your program, select the right people, train and coach them, ready to sprint.
  • Review your current pilots and programs against good practice – to adjust, optimize and evaluate results
  • Implement agile at larger scale and build up agile excellence.

In GEMBA we have certified Scrum Masters and Scrum Product Owners and team up with specialised Agile trainers and coaches when needed.

For quick insight, read this paper that summarizes what Agile Stage-Gate is or take a look at our partner Professor Robert G. Coopers recent articles. Bob Cooper and Anita Sommer wrote an excellent paper on Agile Stage-Gate, which you find here.

For more info about Agile development and Agile Stage-Gate, pls. contact Tomas Vedsmand, or +45 4036 5502