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DPA develops new audio headset by going agile and help from GEMBA

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DPA used agile way of working with the help from GEMBA

DPA Microphones is a world leading producer of high-end microphones and accessories to the music industry, theatres, news business and conference industry. With assistance from GEMBA, DPA developed a new, outstanding audio headset by working agile.

Results are signicant:

First and foremost an innovative and user-friendly product that receives very positive feedback from the market.

“Overall DPA have performed the trick of making something extremely lightweight and small, which still feels sturdy enough to withstand professional use”Simon Clark, Resolution Magazine (Professional Review)

The agile way of working also reduced the development cycle time with 20 percent compared to similar projects and led to a new, agile innovation process combining elements from design-thinking and agile innovation.

Kalle Hvidt Nielsen, CEO at DPA says: ”This project has been a success! We have developed a unique innovative headset with big potential. First and foremost due to a highly skilled and dedicated DPA team that has done a fantastic job. The agile way of working in early innovation has been key, in particular capturing user needs and do many user-iterations have been decisive for reaching a spot-on user-friendly solution. We could not have done this without the support from GEMBA”.

What did GEMBA do?

  • Trained DPA people in agile, scrum and design-thinking/agile front-end
  • Assisted in test of the agile way of working, i.e. a dedicated, co-located team working with a backlog in sprints and iterations with stakeholders and lead-users on capturing user needs as well as early designs and prototypes, including 3D-printed MVP
  • Coaching team in agile and design-thinking, roles, process, methods etc.
  • Participated with feedback, inputs and ideas at sprint reviews during the process
  • Designed a new agile front-end innovation process for DPA, based on the experiences from the project

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