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Agile business transformation

LM ws 2 (2)

Agile business transformation

  • Drive or co-drive the transformation process
  • Identify agile desired state, vision, goals and transformation roadmap with management
  • Design your new agile process, roles & responsibilities
  • Creating an agile mindset and define agile ways of working
  • Agile change management, onboarding leaders and teams, empowerment of teams
  • Awareness events and training
  • Define, design and pilot agile teams
  • Define, design and pilot scaled agile, agile programs, SAFe
  • Agile coaching of agile teams, programs etc. to ensure change
  • Agile benchmark with other companies (analysis)
  • Agile assessment (click to see more) and reviews of present teams and/or programs for optimizing
  • Recruitment of agile specialists, such as scrum masters, agile coaches etc.

What do the customer get?

  • Consultants specialized in agile transformation of development organisations
  • PM/leads that are experienced from leading agile transformations
  • A transformation roadmap/model to guide the process
  • Ownership of transformation in the organisation
  • Experiences and best practice from other companies
  • Agile learnings and competence building in the organisation