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Innovation Management

Frontend drawing

Design of agile NPD, innovation and stage-gate process

  • Design and implement your new agile NPD process combining the best of high-level Stage-Gate structure with speed and agility from agile ways of working
  • Review and adapt Stage-Gate to agile ways of working, such as Agile Stage-Gate

Front-end, user-studies, ideation & design thinking

  • User-research and ideation design-thinking methods
  • Concept development and business case using business model canvas

Innovation workshop facilitation, incl. digital meeting tools

  • Facilitate innovation and ideation workshops with offline and online tools
  • Facilitate Agile/SAFe PI and big room planning events with digital meeting tools
  • Provide digital collaborative meeting tools and facilitator to any kind of workshop, seminar, conference between 20-200 people, for interactive and efficient collaboration and documentation

Innovation training

  • Training sessions in innovation management, including agile ways of working in innovation
  • Training sessions in front-end innovation and design-thinking methods