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Stage-Gate® – the most popular process for systematic product innovation

Stage-Gate® is among the most acknowledged and used processes for innovation and new product development. It’s the answer to companies’ need for a systematic product innovation in order to stay competitive and get the most out of investments in R&D.

Stage-Gate® offers a transparent framework and toolbox from discovering user-needs, finding and screening ideas, selecting the right projects to launch of a new, winning product.


Benefits of Stage-Gate®
Research (comparing companies with/without Stage-Gate®) show that benefits are numerous, such as:
• Better performance in terms of profitability (strong correlation)
• Success rate of new products in the market is 40% higher
• 88% more projects met their sales objectives
• 72% more projects met their profit objectives
• Time-to-market for new products is reduced by about 35%

More about Stage-Gate®
On these pages you can get insights and inspiration on how Stage-Gate® can benefit your organization – whether you are seeking for a new systematic innovation process – or is an experienced user of Stage-Gate® that may need to take your Stage-Gate® process to a more agile and lean version 2.0.

GEMBA is associated partner with Professor Robert G. Cooper, the creator of Stage-Gate®, and represents Stage-Gate® in Denmark.

Please contact Partner Tomas Vedsmand (mail: if you want to know more about Stage-Gate® or download product sheets below.