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Stage-Gate® Resources

Here you can find articles, papers and links to relevant Stage-Gate® resources. Please feel free to download and share!

Professor Robert G. Coopers website with lots of articles and interesting stuff. Here you can find articles about Agile Stage-Gate®

Stage-Gate® International with relevant conferences, books and links

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Effective Gates in Marketing Mgmt Magazine GEMBA_frontpageThe Stage-Gate System - A Roadmap From Idea-to-Launch - An Intro & Summary GEMBA FrontpageWhat Leading Companies Are Doing to Re-invent Their NPD Processes GEMBA Frontpage

Winning With New Products - Doing It Right - Ivy Business Journal GEMBA frontpageWhere are all the breakthru new products - published in Research-Technology Management Sept-Oct 2013 pp 25-32 - GEMBA FrontpageWhats-Next-After-Stage-Gate in Research-Technology Management 2014 GEMBA frontpage